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    Fishing Reports

    Breezing into Fall Fishing

    Joel La Follette - Thursday, November 08, 2018

    You may find this hard to believe, but all across our state fly rods are being ceremoniously tucked away for the winter. It seems that for some anglers the end of the season comes with the turning of a calendar page and is tied more to tradition than reality. While the restraints of winter weather may preclude some adventures during the colder months, there are still many positive distractions available to the dedicated...

    As we wait for additional rain to draw fresh winter Steelhead home, the precipitation we received this past week has had a positively influenced east-side streams. Unfortunately, the unstable weather of fall tends to bring pressure differences that transform gentle breezes into gale-force winds. These blustery conditions materialize this past weekend on the Deschutes and John Day providing quite the challenge for those swinging for the last of our summer fish. With the wind forecast dropping under 10 mph this weekend, it would be worth the drive.

    Meanwhile, winter tactic Trout fishing fever has taken hold in the shop and the team has been spending more time creating BWO imitations than winter Steelhead box fillers. This recent uptick in Trout interest is due in part to the infectious enthusiasm shown by the Reed College students we hosted this past week. Daily discussions on the attributes of hook styles, tippet material, and Euro nymphing rods have overshadowed evaluations of grain-weight windows and sink-tips. This is a refreshing change of pace for fall/winter, but I'm sure when the first rumors of winter chrome echo in the shop the guys will be layering up and swinging again.

    Until then, the Fly Czar has restocked the bins with some of our most productive patterns. Whitefish and Redsides have been recently fooled by this fresh collection of Baetis and Caddis imitations as we field tested them on the Deschutes.

    During the aforementioned jaunt to the river with the Reed College class, we utilized three different rigging techniques. All three caught fish, but small nymphs fished deep during the full sun hours produced the best. The high winds and pressure change probably had something to do with that, but we'll retest that theory this weekend. October Caddis are still flitting about in addition to the hatches of BWOs and tan Caddis, so ask Josh for his OC Special.

    I will admit to being more enthusiastic about haunting the banks of the Metolius this winter after she served me a large helping of humble pie during the Trout-a-thon. Look to see me trekking through the snow this winter as I practice for next year's event. Mayflies, Caddis and floating Kokanee carcasses are currently providing protein for the residents. Whitefish spawn is also something to consider this time of year as they cuddle up to reproduce.

    The weather may get a little more challenging for some, but layer up and get out there. You have a few weeks to train for our Black Friday Fish-a-long so get to it! You want to be in top form for this event!
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